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Can you name the pairs of words that use all the letters in 'I LOVE SPORCLE' (See comments)?

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Hint for Word One
Ingenious, like Sporclers (6) 
Lassie's breed (6) 
Six-pack storage (6) 
More devilish (7) 
Not as good (7) 
More charming (8) 
Beautiful women (8) 
Be positioned above (7) 
Uncomfortable exam (6) 
Sting's band (6) 
Oversee (6) 
Book jacket (9) 
E.g.: Vader is Luke's dad (7) 
Best quiz site on the net (7) 
Hint for Word Two
Diseases targeted by Salk (6) 
Conclusively shows (6) 
Early Presley nickname (6) 
Hen's homes (5) 
Ice cream unit (5) 
FOX Saturday night staple (4) 
Wheat or corn harvest (4) 
Hoofbeats (5) 
Less binding (6) 
Sexual partners (6) 
You, right now (6) 
Cheer for a matador (3) 
Part of a garlic bulb (5) 
Martini garnish (5) 

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