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Can you name the actual TV game shows that these fictional characters appeared on?

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These characters......were on these Games Shows......within these series
Marge SimpsonThe Simpsons
Wally & Marcia (Brady) Logan,
Phillip & Jan (Brady) Covington
The Brady Brides
Mike, Rik, Vyvyan, and NeilThe Young Ones (UK)
Fred SanfordSanford and Son
Eric MatthewsBoy Meets World
Lenny & SquiggyLaverne & Shirley
The entire Griffin familyFamily Guy
Barney StinsonHow I Met Your Mother
Arthur SpoonerThe King of Queens
MurdockThe A-Team
Mama, Vinton, Naomi, Buzz & EllenMama's Family
Cliff ClavinCheers
Paul LassiterSpin City
Tracy Jordan30 Rock
Ralph Kramden, Ed NortonThe Honeymooners
Joey TribbianiFriends
Randy MarshSouth Park
Oscar Madison, Felix UngerThe Odd Couple
Dorothy & RoseThe Golden Girls
Rose TylerDoctor Who (UK)

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