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Can you name the 4-letter words that become different 5-letter words when a 'T' is added at the end?

Updated Dec 29, 2011

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4-Letter Word ClueAnswerAdd a 'T' at the end Clue
Ulna, for oneIn a palindrome, this actress 'ate no basil'
'Song 2' bandSay impulsively
Sheltered harborBreak the 10th Commandment
Become a group memberFunny-smelling cigarette
Herb is also a wise old man'1 vs 100' host
BlueprintLocation for manufacturing
In cooking, almost blackenTo make a map
Result of a toe-stubbingLatex or watercolor, e.g.
Learn through the grapevineBand named after an organ
What you shouldn't go -- on 'The Price Is Right'Out in the open
Level, like the groundAn occurrence or special occasion
Give a hootKeyboard result of shift-6
'Guilty' or 'Not guilty,' e.g.Accordion fold
'Walk of Fame' shapeCommence
Wordless sound of frustration or reliefOne of the senses
Run for your life!Armada
Phaser setting optionEvel Knievel activity
Condo for chickensTake for one's own use
Area between hillsProfessional parker
How many #1 singles Nirvana hadA group of three trios
European make of carUnpleasant tax experience
Order to a shepherd or boxerOne of Santa's reindeer
Pedicurist's toolMcDonald's fish format
Mentor in 'Karate Kid' remakeMusic from Pope Gregory's time

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