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DescriptionGame Show
Celebrities and players team up to identify items in a list or a category based on items in it.
A single person blind-interviews three potential romantic interests.
A player must choose between the value of his/her selection and a median value of remaining prizes.
Players complete to accurately determine the retail cost of prizes.
Shown an oversized playing card, the player must guess if the next card will be higher or lower
A single player tries to answer increasingly difficult questions on a subject of their choice
Teams related by blood or marriage compete to identify popular survey responses.
Players try to determine if a celebrity's answer is accurate to win in tic-tac-toe.
Often-costumed players trade everyday objects for unknown prizes.
A single player faces increasingly difficult multiple-choice trivia questions on random subjects.
Celebrities use yes-or-no questions to determine a player's occupation
Teams of celebrities compete in charades, but using artwork instead of miming
As in hangman, players try to identify a word or phrase by guessing letters.
DescriptionGame Show
Celebrities and players team up in a game of word association.
Players compete to face one-on-one a Nixon speechwriter in a general knowledge contest
Players provide questions to specific answers in a number of categories.
Players compete to identify popular songs in as little time or few notes as possible.
Players attempt to guess what word celebrities will use to complete a joke.
Players take turns trying to find matching tiles on a board, then solve a hidden rebus
Recently married couples compete to find which two best know each other.
Players use oversized dice to remove single-digit numbers from a game board.
Celebrities judge talent, and use a large brass percussion device to indicate disfavor.
Celebrities try to identify a unique and unknown fact about a contestant.
Players try to stop rotating lights on a rectangular board while avoiding specific selections.
Celebrities attempt to find which of 3 players making the same claim are liars.
Players answer questions to get spins on a giant slot machine

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