Four Word Film Reviews (Animated II)

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Can you name the modern animated film based on a Four Word (or fewer) Film Review?

Featured Jan 4, 2012

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Film reviewAnimated filmYear
Gibson: What chicks want.2000
Ogre achiever.2001
When Hairy Met Sully.2001
Blue. Hawaii. Elvis Presley.2002
Returning baby? Mammoth task.2002
A Fish Called Wander.2003
Urchin turns ursine.2003
Fresh Prince, no air.2004
It's Bird's plain supermen.2004
Keep Moving - Moving Keep.2004
Royale with Cleese.2004
Thomas The Hanks Engine.2004
Yellow submariner - absorbing character!2004
Stars, cheese & Hutch.2005
Stiller is zoo lander.2005
Film reviewAnimated filmYear
Depp's wife after death.2005
Bruce Willis: Die Yard.2006
The Emperor knew groove.2006
Pixar's Toy-ota Story.2006
More Doh for Groening.2007
Of Mice and Menus.2007
Penguins hang six.2007
Renée is Jerry's honey.2007
Black's Fists of Furry.2008
John Travolta's Pup Fiction.2008
“Who” talkin' to me?2008
Waste lot, want bot.2008
Pixar's animated 'Two Storey'.2009
Look, ooze talking!2009
It's Raining Menus.2009

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