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Can you name the missing '-ly' words in these movie titles?

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MovieMissing wordYear
Bang The Drum ______1973
The First ______ Sin1980
An _______ Big Adventure1995
__________ Modern Millie1967
So _______ We Hail!1943
Herbie: _____ Loaded2005
__________, Maybe2008
________ Creatures1994
_______ Watched Trains1990
Love ________2003
________ Ballroom1992
Killing Me ______2002
MovieMissing wordYear
Johnny __________1984
For Your Eyes ____1981
Can't ______ Wait1998
________ Persuasion1956
Farewell, My ______1975
________ Last Summer1959
______ Irresistable1999
______ Moses!1980
Monty Python & the ____ Grail1975
Truly, Madly, ______1991
Only The ______1991
Harry Potter & the _______ Hallows2010

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