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AllenIf Woody Allen (age 76) wins Best Director, he will be the oldest winner in that category.
Who is the current oldest Best Director winner?
NobbsBoth Glenn Close and Janet McTeer from Albert Nobbs play women who pretend to be men to get jobs. But which actress won a Supporting Oscar for playing an actual male character?
PlummerIf Christopher Plummer wins the Oscar for Supporting Actor, he will be (at age 82) the oldest person to win an acting Oscar. Name either of the oldest man or oldest woman whose record he would break.
The ArtistIf Jean Dujardin (The Artist) wins Best Actor, he will be fourth man to win that award for playing a character who is an actor.
Give the LAST NAME of any of the 3 previous Best Actor winners who won for playing an actor.
ClooneyGeorge Clooney is nominated this year in 2 categories (Actor, Original Screenplay)
for work in different films (The Descendants, The Ides of March).
He also received nominations in different categories for different films released in 2005.
Name either of those 2005 films.
Iron LadyMeryl Streep is nominated as Best Actress for the role of Margaret Thatcher (The Iron Lady).
If she wins, she will be the 2nd person to get an Oscar for playing a British Prime Minister.
Who was the first? (Enter the name of the actor or the PM.)
The HelpClose, McTeer, Octavia Spencer and Viola Davis (both from The Help) all play domestic servants.
Who was the first actress to win an Oscar for playing a maid?
von SydowMax von Sydow is nominated as Supporting Actor for playing a mute .
Provide the LAST NAME any of the 3 previous Oscar winners for playing a mute.
(Note: Patty Duke and Marlee Matlin each spoke - at least briefly - in their roles.)
DavisIncredibly, Viola Davis is only the 2nd African-American actress to receive more than a single Oscar nomination in their career. (Her first was for Doubt.) Who is the other?
McCarthyIf Melissa McCarthy wins Supporting Actress, she will be the second woman to win an Oscar in the same year she also won an Emmy for Best Actress in a Comedy. Who was the first?
HugoIf Hugo or Midnight In Paris wins Best Picture, it will be the the 5th film set at least partially in Paris, France to win the award. Name any of the 4 films set in Paris that won Best Picture.
War HorseIf War Horse wins Best Picture, it will be the 4th film set during World War I to win the award.
Name any of the 3 previous films set in World War I to win the Oscar.
MoneyballIf Moneyball wins Best Picture, it will be the 4th winner with a sports theme.
Name one of the 3 previous Best Picture winners with a sports theme.
Loud & CloseAmong the Best Picture nominees this year is 'Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close'.
How many films with the word 'and' or '&' in the title have won Best Picture?
BranaghKenneth Branagh is nominated for Supporting Actor in the role of Laurence Olivier. If he wins, he'll be the second person to earn an Oscar for playing an actual Oscar winner. Who was the first?
PittIf Brad Pitt wins Best Actor, he will be the fifth actor with 8 letters in his name to take the award.
Name any of the other 4. (MUST ENTER FIRST AND LAST NAME.)

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