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Can you name the TV show titles that can be formed from these appropriate anagrams?

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AnagramTV ShowGenre
Worthier Youth MemoCurrent Comedy
TorchwoodLong-running Sci-fi series
Resell Sleuth BitClassic Cop show
Dirtier Charm Held WinClassic Comedy
Hefty Ill AnimalClassic Comedy
Exit FleshClassic Sci-fi
Infuse 'Dexter'Classic Cable Drama
A Friendly MomCurrent Comedy
Baby Not OwnedCurrent Drama
Dating, Held WakeCurrent Drama
Also Demented PervertCurrent Comedy
Ordinance PartakersCurrent Comedy
AnagramTV ShowGenre
Widening GnomesClassic Comedy
Let's Sew HereClassic Medical Drama
Mongers of HateCurrent Drama
Am Held? NoCurrent Drama
Continue A PoemCurrent Drama
Beg At Thy NeighborCurrent Comedy
Goofed WhiteCurrent Drama
Softer PretensionCurrent Drama
Craves A MinorClassic Mystery Drama
Grab Bank. Die.Current Drama
Shooters NapClassic Cable Drama

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