DC Characters Out of Context (Picture quiz)

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Can you name the the co-ordinates of the DC character in the picture based on the alternate definition for each clue?

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dc bingo 2 EXAMPLE: When you find the definition that corresponds to "Batman", enter "E3" or "3E".
ClueCo-ordinate (A1, A2... F4)
The basic unit of matter consisting of a nucleus within a cloud of one or more electrons.
Adjective describing one who is friendly to you in person, but insults you behind your back
Something that changes the momentum of an object; the integral of a force with respect to time
A strike action of workers that has not been authorized by union leadership
One of Santa's reindeer
1970s pop singer best remembered for 'Me and You and a Dog Named Boo'
An uncontrolled blaze so vast it creates and sustains it's own wind system
Edgar Allan Poe poem that begins 'Once upon a midnight dreary...'
1993 single by The Grid that combined techno music with banjo
In mountain climbing, an anchor buried in snow used to secure a rope
Cobie Smulders' character on 'How I Met Your Mother'
A soldier assigned to perform various services for a British military officer
Generic term for ivy plants that attach to a wall or tree as they grow upward
World-wide book publishing giant known primarily for paperbacks
Traffic light at an intersection indicating the only direction in which drivers may proceed
This was introduced to standard card decks around the 1860s
A curved, slender single edged sword, originally used by Samurai
1984 Ralph Macchio film remade in 2010 with Jaden Smith
Green ornamental stone used in Asia, often in very intricate carvings
1959 hit record by The Coasters about a girl 'you can look [at], but you better not touch'
Adobe's audio-video software used to add animation and interactivity to web pages
Global terrorist organization that appeared in several early James Bond films
Computer software/hardware giant founded in 1977 by Larry Ellison
Movie studio that produced Amadeus, Platoon, Dances With Wolves and The Silence of the Lambs

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