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Can you name the words or names that begin with each letter of the alphabet and end in 'Z'?

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Known as 'The Rock', this California island has variously housed a lighthouse, military fort and prison.A-Z
The first name of a Pixar character, it was inspired by the second man to walk on the moon.B-Z
Many people mistakenly add a 't' to the last name of this 'Peanuts' creator. (2 words)C-Z
The Korean version of this abbreviated area crosses the 38th parallel.D-Z
From the German for 'replacement', a substitute usually of lower quality.E-Z
Tactile differentiation of peaches from nectarines.F-Z
Extravagant showiness or ostentation, it is often paired with 'glamor'.G-Z
John Kerry's wife is the heir to this pickle and ketchup manufacturing giant.H-Z
The Spanish version of the female name 'Agnes'I-Z
He didn't get top billing on a #1 Hot 100 song until 2009's 'Empire State of Mind'.J-Z
Frequency measured in 1,000s of cycles per second.K-Z
The 21st most common last name in the US. Just ask George or Jennifer.L-Z
Professional moniker of the Real World/Road Rules contestant who became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.M-Z
Last name of the Commander-in-chief of the US Pacific navy in WW2, or the aircraft carrier named after him.N-Z
Fictional land whose name was inspired by the bottom drawer in L. Frank Baum's filing cabinet.O-Z
One who has this might be exciting and interesting.P-Z
By some accounts, this word was created in a 1791 bet to introduce a nonsense word and make it known to Dubliners overnight.Q-Z
In a 1993 contest, Crayola named a shade of crimson this word, which describes something impressive but confusing.R-Z
The entertainment industry as a whole, colloquially.S-Z
The only Looney Toon character we can reasonably be sure of being Australian.T-Z
Either team that calls home court Salt Lake City's EnergySoutions Arena. (2 words)U-Z
Last word in the name of the Exxon supertanker that in 1989 caused the largest oil spill to that date.V-Z
May follow Gee, Math or Cheez.W-Z
None-too-subtle hint that your fly may be undone.X-Z
IATA code for Toronto's major airport, as immortalized in an instrumental by Rush.Y-Z
1973 sci-fi film starring Sean Connery and directed by John Boorman.Z-Z

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