Will Smith in Reverse

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Can you name the Will Smith movie from a plot summary if the film ran backwards?

Updated Feb 11, 2014

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Backwards PlotMovie Title
Will removes a destructive computer virus from an alien spacecraft, and the aliens are so grateful they restore several famous buildings.
Will steals vital organs from a number of healthy people for his own use.
Will lends large amounts of money to a couple of New York socialites.
After being beaten up by an old girlfriend, Will spirals down into an alcoholic funk.
Will loses his job as a stock broker, leaving both him & his son homeless, until they are eventually helped by his ex.
Will's caddying advice causes a golfer's game to fall apart.
After restoring the memory of a number of people who saw aliens, Will quits a government job and becomes a cop.
When a virus wipes out most of the population, Will brings everyone back to life.
Because of Will's constant interference, a happily married man ends up fat and alone.
A government agency finds Will's apartment a mess, so they clean it up, and remove a number of listening devices.
Will & his partner get in trouble with Internal Affairs, drug lords help them out by donating $80 million of drugs to police custody.
Will becomes the heavyweight champ, loses his title but gets it back again. (Wait a minute! That's the same plot in both directions!)

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