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Tom SwiftyMissing wordClue
'I'd also like more than the rest of you', Tom ______.a___ed (6)
'There's no need for silence', Tom _______.a____ed (7)
'Bwah! I'm losing my hair', Tom ______.b___ed (6)
'I have to blow on this fire to keep it alight', Tom ________.b_____ed (8)
'Use your own toothbrush!', Tom ________.b_____ed (8)
'My friend and I steal things together', Tom ____________.c_________ed (12)
'Look out! I'm going to hit the golf ball', Tom __________.f_______ed (10)
'I'm burning aromatic substances, dammit!', said Tom, ________.i_____ed (8)
'That little devil didn't tell the truth', Tom _______.i____ed (7)
'Can I become a chorister?' Tom ________.i_____ed (8)
'I want a motorized bicycle', Tom _____'.m__ed (5)
'Alas! The sun is starting to rise', Tom _______.m____ed (7)
'I told you not to ride that old horse,' Tom ______.n___ed (6)
'Where shall I plant these water lilies?' Tom ________.p_____ed (8)
'I teach at a university,' Tom _________.p______ed (9)
'I won't buy a circuit breaker,' Tom _______.r____ed (7)
'It's time for the second funeral car,' Tom _________.r______ed (9)
'OK, you can borrow it again,' Tom ________.r_____ed (8)
'I have to check the score on this exam again,' Tom ________.r_____ed (8)
'My garden needs another layer of mulch,' Tom ________.r_____ed (8)
'I'm taking this ship back into harbour,' Tom ________.r_____ed (8)
'So only one person arrived at the party before I did?' Tom ______-_______.s_____-g___ed (6-7)
'I can take photographs if I want to!' Tom _______.s____ed (7)
'Cocaine? Me? Never touch it!' Tom _______.s____ed (7)
'The optician probably doesn't have my glasses ready yet,' Tom __________.s_______ed (10)
'Ohhhhhh, I don't like this Chardonnay,' Tom ______.w___ed (6)

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