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Words or names that...
'-nym' wordExamples
…are assumed as a different name, usually by an author.O'Henry, Mark Twain
…composed of two identical parts.yo-yo, pompom, bye-bye
…have the same spelling but different pronunciations.read, sewer, refuse
…are derived from a mother or other female ancestor.Björk Guðmundsdóttir
...are required to distinguish older technology after advancementanalog computer, fountain pen
…sound the same as a phrase, but are different individually.I scream/Ice Cream, mint spy/mince pie
…are formed by initial letters of a series of words.NASA, Scuba, ComSat
…have the same spelling or pronunciation but different meanings.mean, right/write
…are derived from a father or other male ancestor.J. Peterson
…describe themselves.noun, word, abbrv., polysyllabic
Words or names that...
'-nym' wordExamples
…are a midway between two opposites.past/PRESENT/future, concave/FLAT/convex
…designate something by the name of something associated to it.The White House, The Crown
…are used by foreigners for a place name and differ from the native term.Köln/Cologne, Torino/Turin
…changes meaning when capitalized.polish, august, concord
…have the same root and similar pronunciations.beautiful/beauteous
…are derived from another name, usually a person.cardigan, sandwich
…have the same or very similar meaning.big/large, error/mistake
…have two meanings, each the opposite of the other.fast, cleave, overlook
…have opposite or near-opposite meanings.dead/alive, boy/girl

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