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Words or names that...
'-nym' wordExamples
...are required to distinguish older technology after advancementanalog computer, fountain pen
…have the same spelling but different pronunciations.read, sewer, refuse
…have the same root and similar pronunciations.beautiful/beauteous
…are used by foreigners for a place name and differ from the native term.Köln/Cologne, Torino/Turin
…have two meanings, each the opposite of the other.fast, cleave, overlook
…are assumed as a different name, usually by an author.O'Henry, Mark Twain
…are derived from another name, usually a person.cardigan, sandwich
…have opposite or near-opposite meanings.dead/alive, boy/girl
…have the same spelling or pronunciation but different meanings.mean, right/write
…are a midway between two opposites.past/PRESENT/future, concave/FLAT/convex
Words or names that...
'-nym' wordExamples
…are derived from a mother or other female ancestor.Björk Guðmundsdóttir
…composed of two identical parts.yo-yo, pompom, bye-bye
…sound the same as a phrase, but are different individually.I scream/Ice Cream, mint spy/mince pie
…are formed by initial letters of a series of words.NASA, Scuba, ComSat
…changes meaning when capitalized.polish, august, concord
…are derived from a father or other male ancestor.J. Peterson
…describe themselves.noun, word, abbrv., polysyllabic
…designate something by the name of something associated to it.The White House, The Crown
…have the same or very similar meaning.big/large, error/mistake

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