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Can you name the U.S. states that are outstanding in each of these areas?

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Category of awesomenessState
Highest rate of public transit usage (26.9%)
Best value university
Most college graduates
Lowest unemployment rate
Lowest obesity rate
Highest rate of gun ownership
Lowest income disparity
Lowest in-state college tuition
Uhhh... Most bromine production
Safest for workers
Most hunters
Most retirees
Lowest rate of sick days
Fewest mental health days taken
Overall healthiest
Birthplace of most US Presidents
Strongest Native American representation
Best license plates
Lowest use of most illicit substances and alcohol
Top per capita computer manufacturing output
Greatest wind power producer
Biggest & busiest port
Most female governors
Most “representative”
Home to space port
Category of awesomenessState
Highest %-age of babies breastfed at 6 months
Best state for business incorporation
Highest rate of immunization
Lowest rate of public corruption
Birthplace of most Vice Presidents
Lowest poverty rate
Lowest suicide rate
Hosts busiest airport hub
Highest median household income
Lowest coal consumption per capita
Fewest cardiovascular deaths
Most churches per capita
Most liberalized prostitution laws
Highest life expectancy
Library visits per capita
Least violent crime
Best access to freshwater
Most accurate political bellwether
Tops in wheat production
Highest church attendance
Lowest infant mortality
Highest high school graduation rate
Lowest carbon emissions per capita
Most golf holes per capita
Cleanest air

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