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Can you name the historical figures from Tweets they might have sent?

Updated Jun 19, 2015

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Anyone got a more creative way of saying “87 years?”08:10 PM November 18, 1863
Accomplishments just earned me title “The Good.” Must work harder.11:01 AM August 14th, 344 BC
Toilet salesman says, “so comfortable, you’ll think you died and gone to heaven.”02:41 PM June 08, 1972
@Clark have u seen this? http://maps.google.com ugh. last six months, wasted.09:15 AM September 20, 1804
@ross_perot u are killing me. if u don’t stop, the Arkansas hill-bill-y will win this thang.03:58 AM October 18, 1992
Dentist delivered the bad news: Termites. FML10:47 AM, August 9th, 1791
@DeQuille If I had more time, I would have written a shorter tweet.01:25 PM January 13th, 1866
@God OMY! I just saw a naked girl!03:11 PM November 2nd, 4004 BC
@sitting_bull I warn in advance, this battle will make me famous.04:01 PM June 23rd, 1876
@Watson Come here. I need you to see my new iPhone apps.11:03 AM March 10th, 1876
Bought a sleep journal. I keep having dreams but forget to write them down.11:19 PM June 04, 1960
@BuzzA headed to the set… i mean moon. LOL. You been practicing slow motion “no gravity” walk?06:44 AM July 17th, 1969
I <3 pepsi-cola. can’t drink enough. if i could, i’d be the king of pop.03:49 PM September 30th, 1969
Serious artist’s block today. Luckily, I found inspiration at danbrown.com.05:40 PM July 1, 1501
OMG, this judge is such a Neanderthal.02:13 PM July 18, 1925
Watched an episode of #thesurreallife. Wasn’t exactly what I was expecting but I got hooked. @FlavorFlav: Nice clock!2:14 AM October 17th, 1931
Really loving my new character’s look. Can’t foresee toothbrush mustaches ever going out of style.09:37 PM March 28th, 1922
A bunch of back-stabbing Senators hanging out on the steps. Makes me nervous.12:17 PM March 14th, 44 BC
Why did everyone write so small? Now I look like a jerk.05:44 PM July 4th, 1776

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