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Can you name the television series that had exactly 4 letters in their titles?

Updated Feb 23, 2015

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1965-68: A black man & a white man work together
to fight crime while undercover as tennis pros.
1972-83: Army surgeons deal with the Korean conflict
through laughter and tears.
1974-present: Omnibus documentary series on science
seen on PBS.
1975-77: LA police special forces division drama,
best remembered for its theme song.
1976-84: Canadian sketch comedy about
an independent television channel in Melonville.
1977-81: Parody of daytime dramas
with a continuing risque storyline.
1978-83: Comedy about the lives of employees
of the Sunshine Cab Co.
1980-81: 'Dukes Of Hazzard' spin-off where
Deputy Enos Strate goes to LA.
1982-87: New York students attend a high school
for the performing arts.
1986-91: Comedy about a deacon
in an African-American church.
1985-86: Mary Tyler Moore sitcom
where she plays a newspaper reporter.
1987-89: FOX sitcom starring
Chris Lemmon & Mary Page Keller.
1989-present: Documentary series
that follows police officers on the job.
1991-94: Nickelodeon cartoon
about a 'Funnie' and imaginative Bluffington pre-teen.
1995-96: Ex-'Growing Pains' star Kirk Cameron plays a college grad left in charge of his younger siblings.
2001-07: Country singer McEntire plays
a divorced mother at odds with her ex's trophy wife.
2002-09: A San Francisco detective with OCD
can solve every crime except his wife's murder.
2002-04: An ex-cop works as a taxi driver
but moonlights as a vigilante.
2005: Tim Daly runs a just-legal company
that investigate crimes and people.
2004-10: Examines the lives of a group of strangers
before and after their airplane crashed.
2004-06: A 'Friends' spin-off that follows
the tribulations of a struggling ex-soap actor.
2003-present: Special agents investigate crimes
in the Navy & Marine Corps.
2005-07: HBO historical drama set in the time
of Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony.
2007: A family of Cuban-Americans
fight to control a rum & sugar business.
2007-09: After 12 years jailed on false charges,
a cop returns to his job with a new philosophy.
2009-15: A high-school teacher revives a choral music club, initially composed mostly of outcasts.
2009: After losing his job, a Wall St executive
must move near his small-town in-laws.

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