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Can you name the bands by questions or statements using song names in them?

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The assassin in the panic station is experiencing Stockholm Syndrome
I will bargain this empty glass for that guitar and pen
Did you see Emily play on her bike during the eclipse
I'm gonna crawl over the hills and far away to the houses of the holy
I won't go beating around the bush. That TNT has a live wire on it
I'm so bored with the USA. There's something about England that just seems better. What do you think, should I stay or should I go?
Don't ask me why the entertainer is such an angry young man
That heart shaped box must have Lithium in it. It smells like teen spirit
It was an easy ride on the Spanish Caravan to the Soul Kitchen
I have a bad brain. I need a teenage lobotomy done by a pinhead
Will the toys in the attic eat the rich if they walk this way?
Nothin's gonna stop us on Friday night because I believe in a thing called love
I can't wait for my next conquest. I'm going to send a seven nation army at them
Is that a magic pie right next to the wonderwall? Don't just stand there bring it on down!
I've seen all good people in the roundabout looking around.
Help! I'm a loser and I love her. What do I do?
I am going down the lonely street now. When I reach the end of it I will be nothing more than dust in the wind. Promise me you will carry on, my wayward son.
I feel hot blooded and cold as ice. Actually, I'm seeing double vision. What do I have?
Was the owner of badge in the white room born under a bad sign?
If this is the last time i get off of my cloud, will you let me down slow
The pretender has been up in arms these days
Everybody knows you're insane! You were walking on the sidewalks and started singing about if I had a tail!
Godzilla and Nosferatu don't fear the reaper. Why should we?
Did Tom Sawyer use his freewill to get the weapon?
The Count of Tuscany was trapped in these walls by the Ministry of Lost Souls
She went on Holiday with Mike. I say good riddance to them
Roxanne, I can't stand losing you but please don't stand so close to me.
Mustapha, the prophet's song is coming soon.
Do you see the majestic lights? Every time you feel in self doubt don't stop believing in yourself. Just look at them
Bring me my broadsword Aqualung! I hear heavy horses
I heard it through the grapevine that there's a bad moon rising over the Green River. That can't be good

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