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Other than money how does Amber pay for Zydrate?
Why is Pavi the only Largo sibling to have an Italian accent?
Where is Marni's body
What is Blind Mag's real name?
Amber's birth name was?
GeneCo has been cleaning up the streets since?
How many Genterns don't wear white?
Who is the only person who successfully orders Luigi to do something?
Blind Mag's eyes used to belong to whom?
Where is the cemetary in which Shilo meets Graverobber?
In what year was Marni born?
What was the name of the woman killed at the beginning of the film?
What kind of implants allow Mag to see?
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How many times does Luigi rip open his shirt?
What do Amber's valets have tatooed on their chests?
How many holographic pictures of Marni can be seen in the Wallace home?
Which character didn't originally sing during 'At the Opera tonight'
What has happened to Amber's valets by the end of the film?
What is a Zydrate Addict known as?
What is a Surgery Addict known as?
At the Renaissance Fair a man is behaving like what animal?
Which of the Largo siblings doesn't have pierced ears?
What is Pavi short for?
Rotti is short for?
What type of fire is in the fireplace at the Wallace home?

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