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I am Othello's lieutenant, and I get implicated in a drunken brawl.
I am queen of the fairies.
I cover up for my niece by pretending I have another daughter.
My niece disapproves of my heavy drinking.
I require a loan in order to court Portia.
I 'die' of humilation.
I am the daughter of a Jewish moneylender.
I take part in a plot to become King of the island.
I help Sebastian, despite knowing the potential danger I risk being in.
I pine away for the love of Olivia.
I am tricked into thinking Olivia loves me.
I am a fool.
I feel betrayed that my daughter has married in secret.
I wish to elope with Jessica.
I am the brother of Prospero.
I am killed by my husband in a jealous rage.
I humiliate my would be wife by calling her unfaithful at the alter.
I was imprisoned in a tree.
I am a prostitute.
I am arrested after I am overheard bragging about my crime.
I attempt to kill my brother, Alonso.
I wash onto the shores of Illyria after a terrible shipwreck. I have no idea if my brother's alive.
I am mourning my brothers death and refuse any suitors.
I demand one pound of flesh as interest.
I am a jester caught in the tempest.
I am passed over for promotion to lieutenant.
I am in love with Nerissa.
Our ship is caught in a terrible storm after sailing back from my daughter's wedding.
I am the Duke of Athens.
My head is transformed into that of an ass.
I am accused of lying when I say I'm the prince of Naples.
I get called an ass.
I am the first to experience the affects of the love juice.
I am queen of the Amazons.
I am very jealous of Othello.
I leave Shylock to work for Bassanio.
I write a letter that looks convincingly like my master's handwriting.
I am the general of the armies of Venice.
Egeus wishes I marry his daughter.
I write love sonnets about Beatrice.
I am casted as a lion in 'Pyramus and Thisbe'.
I want what Titania possesses.
I cause much mischief for the four young lovers.
I am distrustful of my husband, who ultimately kills me.
I have a twin sister; no one can tell us apart.
I have sex in the window and am mistaken for Hero.
I am the Merchant of Venice.
I am the father of Hero.
I am the son of the dead Sycorax, now the slave of Prospero.
I am in love with Demetrius.
I must marry the man who correctly chooses one of three caskets.
I help Prospero by giving him books and supplies.
I was the Duke of Milan before my brother and the King of Naples conspired against me.
I am Don Pedro's illegitimate brother.
My friend is only using me for my money.

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