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Can you name the Queen's University building based on the clue?

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How to PlayForced Order
Canadian Singer Sarah
Also an island in New York Harbour
James _____ Jones
Units of power measurement
Time zone master Sir Sanford
Very tall piece of construction equipment
Type of Welding
Name of the Queen when the school was founded
First name of Man of Steel
Queen's is in this Province
Named for the river that runs through the same city as Queen's
Actor Bogart
Opposite of a bad loss?
Kind of like a beam?
Elementary my dear ____
American Brand of Genuine Draft
Son of the Lionheart?
Gaelic term for Queen
____ and Services Tax
The Founder of Queen's, or a sum of money given by the government
Capital of Mississippi
Warmest season + elevated ground =
The city that is home to Queen's
Also the capital of South Australia
Folk Singer _____ Lightfoot
A type of fir tree

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