Wonders Of The World By Clues

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Can you name the wonders of the world by using the clues given?

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Unfinished famous church in Barcelona
Connects Mediterranean to the Red Sea
South Dakota; Black Hills; Presidents
Tallest structure in Toronto
Museum in New York designed by Frank Lloyd Wright
Ancient rock cut city in Jordan
National Park in Southern Florida
Twin towers found in Malaysia
Tallest waterfall in the world
Longest barrier reef in the world
Largest protected nature reserve in Africa
Important symbol for Japan; also an active volcano
Considered the holiest Jewish site found in Jerusalem
Building that serves as the centerpiece to Vatican City
Most sacred city in Islam
Famous cathedral in Red Square
Complex where Chinese emperors lived
Building in Manhattan completed in 1931
Megalithic stone structure in UK
Beautiful marble monument in Agra, India
Famous Inca ruins found in the Andes of Peru
Dam in the southwest U.S. named for a president
St. Mark's Basilica, canals, & gondolas
Ancient temple city found in the Cambodian jungle
Largest enclosed plaza or square in the world
Longest suspension bridge in the world
Tallest building in Taiwan (formerly tallest in world)
'Church of Holy Wisdom' in Istanbul
Australia; Outback; Red Rock
Legendary sanctuary of Apollo found in Greece
Arizona; Colorado River
Tallest mountain in Africa

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