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Can you name the state by using the official flower, bird, and tree?

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Flower, Bird, TreeState
Dogwood Bloom, Cardinal, Dogwood Tree
Goldenrod, Cardinal, Tulip Poplar
Goldenrod, Western Meadowlark, Cottonwood
Sagebrush, Mountain Bluebird, Bristlecone Pine
Mountain Laurel, Robin, White Oak
Pasqueflower, Ring Necked Pheasant, Black Hills Spruce
Mistletoe, Scissor Tailed Flycatcher, Redbud Tree
Golden Poppy, Valley Quail, Redwood
Sunflower, Western Meadowlark, Cottonwood
Wild Rose, Eastern Goldfinch, Northern Red Oak
Violet, Rhode Island Red, Red Maple
Purple Lilac, Purple Finch, White Birch
Violet, Cardinal, White Oak
Indian Paintbrush, Western Meadowlark, Cottonwood
Mayflower, Chickadee, American Elm
Rhododendron, Cardinal, Sugar Maple
Sego Lily, Common Gull, Blue Spruce
Hawthorn, Bluebird, Dogwood Tree
Red Clover, Hermit Thrush, Sugar Maple
Yellow Jessamine, Carolina Wren, Palmetto
Forget Me Not, Willow Ptarmigan, Sitka Spruce
Syringa, Mountain Bluebird, White Pine
Pink & White Lady's Slipper, Common Loon, Red Pine
Wood Violet, Robin, Sugar Maple
Bitterroot, Western Meadowlark, Ponderosa Pine
Magnolia Bloom, Eastern Brown Pelican, Cypress
Bluebonnet, Mockingbird, Pecan Tree
Black-Eyed Susan, Baltimore Oriole, White Oak
Apple Blossom, Robin, White Pine
Western Rhododendron, Willow Goldfinch, Western Hemlock
Saguaro Cactus Blossom, Cactus Wren, Paloverde
Carnation, Cardinal, Buckeye Tree
Prairie Rose, Western Meadowlark, American Elm
Peony, Cardinal, Tulip Poplar
Oregon Grape, Western Meadowlark, Douglas Fir
Apple Blossom, Mockingbird, Loblolly Pine
Magnolia Bloom, Mockingbird, Southern Magnolia
Cherokee Rose, Brown Thrasher, Live Oak
White Pine Cone & Tassel, Chickadee, Eastern White Pine
Peach Blossom, Blue Hen Chicken, American Holly
Iris, Mockingbird, Tulip Poplar
Rocky Mountain Columbine, Lark Bunting, Blue Spruce
Dogwood Bloom, Cardinal, Longleaf Pine
Rose, Bluebird, Sugar Maple
Camellia, Yellowhammer, Southern Longleaf Pine
Mountain Laurel, Ruffed Grouse, Hemlock
Yellow Hibiscus, Hawaiian Goose, Kukui
Orange Blossom, Mockingbird, Cabbage Palmetto
Yucca, Roadrunner, Pinon
Violet, Eastern Goldfinch, Northern Red Oak

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