Solar System Planet Superlatives

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Can you name the Solar System Planet Superlatives?

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Longest synodic day.
Planet that has the most liquid or surface water.
Planet with the second most moons.
Shortest synodic day.
Rotational pole closest to ecliptic.
The planet that has the highest temperatures.
Planet with greatest average density.
Largest and most massive planet.
Smallest and least massive planet.
Planet that has the lowest average density.
Planet that has the most circular orbit around the sun.
Slowest orbiting planet.
Planet with the strongest magnetic fields.
Fastest sidereal rotation.
Two planets with no moons.
Planet with the tallest mountain in the solar system.
Planet with the largest moon.
Slowest sidereal rotation.
Planet with the most moons.
Fastest orbiting planet.
This is the largest celestial body in the solar system.
Planet that has the fastest recorded winds.
This orbital sphere was once known as the ninth and smallest planet.
Planet that has a moon with the most eccentric orbit.

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