Location of Van Gogh's Paintings in the United States

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Can you name the city where these Van Gogh paintings can be found?

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Painting TitleCity State
Wheat Field With PeasantIndiana
The Sower:Outskirts of ArlesCalifornia
Portrait of Art Dealer Sitting in Easy ChairOklahoma
First Steps After MilletNew York
Cart With Black OxOregon
Tarascon DiligenceNew Jersey
Peasant Woman by the FireplaceNew York
The SmokerPennsylvania
Houses in AuversOhio
Bathing Float on the SeineVirginia
Three Pairs of ShoesMassachusetts
The Poet's GardenIllinois
Rocks With Oak TreeTexas
Vase With IrisesNew York
Mother Roulin With Her BabyNew York
Parsonage Garden at NuenenCalifornia
Olive Grove With Pale Blue SkyNew York
Still Life With Apples,Pears,Lemons,GrapesIllinois
Mountains at Saint Remy With Dark CottageNew York
Vineyards With a View of AuversMissouri
Le Moulin de la GalettePennsylvania
Rispal Restaurant at AsnieresMissouri
Portrait of Artist's MotherCalifornia
Olive PickingNew York
La BerceuseMassachusetts
Majolica Jug With WildflowersPennsylvania
Wheat Stacks With ReaperOhio
Olive Trees With the AlpillesNew York
Les Peiroulets RavineMassachusetts
The Mulberry TreeCalifornia
View of Auvers With ChurchRhode Island
Still Life With Basket of ApplesMissouri
Painting TitleCity State
Madame Roulin Rocking the CradleIllinois
Olive GroveMissouri
Still Life With Pottery and Two BottlesCalifornia
Bowl With DaisesVirginia
Two Poplars on a Road Through the HillsOhio
Undergrowth With Two FiguresOhio
Portrait of Patience EscalierCalifornia
Pink Roses in VaseNew York
Village Street and Steps in AuversMissouri
Two Diggers Among TreesMichigan
Weaver with Spinning WheelMassachusetts
Madame Ginoux With BooksNew York
Portrait of PostmanMassachusetts
The Old MillNew York
Lane at the Jardin du LuxembourgMassachusetts
Olive Trees With Yellow Sky and SunMinnesota
Head of Peasant Woman With Dark CapOhio
Wheat Field Behind St. Paul HospitalVirginia
Starry NightNew York
CypressesNew York
Thatches Cottages in the SunshinePennsylvania
Portrait of Camille RoulinPennsylvania
Landscape With SnowNew York
Vase With Oleanders and BooksNew York
The ViaductNew York
The BedroomIllinois
Night Cafe in the Place Lamartine in ArlesConnecticut
Vase With CarnationsMichigan
Wheat Fields In the RainPennsylvania
Two Women Crossing the FieldsTexas
Chrysanthemums and Wild Flowers in VaseNew York
Factories at AsnieresMissouri
The Road MendersOhio
Painting TitleCity State
Self-Portrait With a Straw HatMichigan
Lane in Voyer d'Argenson ParkConnecticut
Portrait of Adeline RavouxOhio
Nude Woman on a BedPennsylvania
Vase With Red PoppiesConnecticut
Trees in the Garden of St. Paul HospitalCalifornia
Wheat Fields With SheavesHawaii
Montmartre Path With SunflowersCalifornia
Head of a Peasant Woman With a White CapCalifornia
Two Cut SunflowersNew York
Vase With Twelve SunflowersPennsylvania
Wheat Field With CypressesNew York
Fishing In SpringIllinois
Sheaves of WheatTexas
Vase With Red GladioliLouisiana
Self-Potrait Dedicated to GauginMassachusetts
Bank of the Oise at AuversMichigan
Landscape With Trees and FiguresMaryland
Orchard In BlossomNew York
Vase With DaisesPennsylvania
Peasant Woman Peeling PotatoesNew York
A Pair of ShoesMaryland
Banks of the Seine in the SpringTexas
The BrothelPennsylvania
Field With Ploughman and MillMassachusetts
The DrinkersIllinois
Peasant Woman DiggingIllinois
Head of Young Woman in Peaked CapMissouri
Wheat Fields Under Clouded SkyPennsylvania
Houses in AuversMassachusetts

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