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Can you name the Actors & Actresses interviewed on the television show 'Inside The Actors Studio'?

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Actor, Superman
Actress, Close Encounters Of The 3rd Kind
Actor, House MD
Actor, Dances With Wolves
Actor, When Harry Met Sally
Actress, Frida
Actor, Zoolander
Actress, Beaches
Actress, Cape Fear
Actor, Misery
Actor, Gandhi
Actress, Steel Magnolias
Actress, Elizabeth
Actor, Iron Man
Actor, M*A*S*H
Actor, Sling Blade
Actress, Always
Actor, Ed Wood
Actress, The Jerk
Actor, The Horse Whisperer
Actor, Enemy At The Gates
Actress, What Lies Beneath
Actor, Reservoir Dogs
Actor, American Beauty
Actor, King Of New York
Actor, Gods And Monsters
Actor, A Taste Of Jupiter
Actress, When Harry Met Sally
Actor, 30 Rock
Actor, Primetime Jiminy Glick
Actor, Columbo
Actor, Top Gun
Actress, Monster's Ball
Actress, Howard's End
Actress, Seinfeld
Actor, Ordinary People
Actor, Big Momma's House
Actor, Mission To Mars
Actor, Forrest Gump
Actor, Roseanne
Actor, The Rookie
Actress, Jumpin' Jack Flash
Actor, The Apartment
Actor, Edward Scissorhands
Actress, The Big Sleep
Actor, Saturday Night Fever
Actress, Erin Brockovich
Actor, I Am Legend
Actor, Hotel Rwanda
Actor, The Shawshank Redemption
Actress, Chinatown
Actor, Cinderfella
Actor, A Fish Called Wanda
Actor, The Kids Are All Right
Actress, The Wiz
Actor, X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Actress, Titanic
Actor, Deliverance
Actress, Annie
Actress, The Fly
Actor, Kramer VS Kramer
Actor, Casino
Actress, The Shining
Actress, LA Confidential
Actress, Under The Tuscan Sun
Actor, Half Baked
Actor, Enemy Mine
Actor, Scarface
Actress, Where The Heart Is
Actress, Enough
Actress, 9 To 5
Actress, Mad Love
Actress, Working Girl
Actress, Phenomenon
Actor, Gattaca
Actress, Salt
Actor, The Andy Griffith Show
Actor, About A Boy
Actor, No Country For Old Men
Actor, The West Wing
Actor, New Jack City
Actor, Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Actor, Easy Rider
Actress, Silence Of The Lambs
Actor, Red Planet
Actor, Hannibal
Actress, Out Of Africa
Actress, Last Holiday
Actor, The Birdcage
Actor, The Bucket List
Actor, The Matrix
Actor, The Guns Of Navarone
Actor, Snakes On A Plane
Actor, Smokey & The Bandit
Actress, Mad About You
Actress, Requiem For A Dream
Actor, Die Hard
Actor, Home Improvement
Actor, Desperado
Actor, The X-Files
Actress, The English Patient
Actress, Yentl
Actor, The Big Lebowski
Actress, Sex In The City
Actor, Haunted Honeymoon
Actor, Cool Hand Luke
Actress, Jules And Jim
Actor, Bart Got A Room
Actor, Dirty Harry
Actress, Ordinary People
Actor, Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Actress, Basic Instinct
Actress, Fried Green Tomatoes
Actor, The Talented Mr. Ripley
Actress, Road To Perdition
Actress, Albert Nobbs
Actor, Once Upon A Time In America
Actress, The Forgotten
Actor, Drugstore Cowboy
Actor, Daredevil
Actor, The Abyss
Actor, Teen Wolf
Actor, Harry Brown
Actor, Goldeneye
Actress, King Kong
Actor, Ray
Actress, The Client
Actor, Lethal Weapon
Actress, Lolita
Actress, Coal Miner's Daughter
Actor, The Sopranos
Actress, Norma Rae
Actress, The Three Faces Of Eve
Actor, King Of California
Actor, Gladiator
Actor, Pretty Woman
Actress, Bridget Jones's Diary
Actress, Alien
Actress, Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas
Actor, Ghost Rider
Actor, Doubt
Actor, The Untouchables
Actor, 24
Actress, There's Something About Mary
Actress, Cabaret
Actress, A View From The Top
Actress, A Beautiful Mind
Actor, Max Payne
Actor, Milk
Actress, Desperate Housewives
Actress, The Addams Family
Actor, The Man In The Iron Mask
Actor, The Wolfman
Actress, Urban Cowboy
Actress, She-Devil
Actor, Fight Club
Actress, Black Swan
Actor, Crimson Tide
Actress, Misery
Actor, The Great Debaters
Actor, Red Dragon
Actor, Wayne's World
Actor, The Producers
Actor, Platoon
Actress, Snow White & The Huntsman
Actor, Miller's Crossing
Actor, Rambo
Actress, Rachel Rachel
Actress, Valley Of the Dolls
Actor, Beverly Hills Cop

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