FBI Local Field Office Locations

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Can you name the U.S. cities that have a FBI local field office?

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Area CoveredFBI Field Office Cities
Entirety of Nebraska
Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin Islands
Entirety of Kentucky
Entirety of Connecticut
NYC Metro Area & Long Island
Chesapeake Bay Area & Military Naval Bases
Western Texas
Entirety of Georgia
Entirety of Oklahoma
Entirety of Kansas & Western Missouri
North & Central Alabama
Bay Metro Area & North California
Entirety of CO & WY except Yellowstone NP
South Florida
Entirety of North Carolina
Southern Ohio
North Texas including Metroplex
Entirety of Maryland & Delaware
Entirety of Mississippi
East Tennessee
East Pennsylvania & Camden County, NJ
Central & South Illinois
South Texas
Eastern Missouri
Entirety of MN, ND, & SD
East & Southeast Texas
Entirety of Arkansas
Entirety of Alaska & Aleutians
Northern Ohio
Entirety of Nevada
West Tennessee
North Florida
Entirety of New Jersey Except Camden County
Northeast New York & Entirety of Vermont
Entirety of South Carolina
Western New York
Entirety of Wisconsin
South Central California Counties
Entirety of UT, MT, ID & Yellowstone NP
Metro D.C. & Northern Virginia
Entirety of Indiana
South Alabama
Entirety of MA, NH, ME, & RI
Entirety of New Mexico & AZ Navajo Nation
Central Florida
Extreme Southern California Counties
All Louisiana Parishes
Entirety of Oregon
Entirety of Michigan
Entirety of Washington
All Arizona Counties Except Navajo Nation
Northern Illinois
Central & Eastern California
Hawaii, Guam & Northern Mariana Islands
Central Virginia & Most Military Bases
Entirety of West Virginia & West Pennsylvania

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