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1/1/1938 Age:74Actor in 'Frost & Nixon'
1/2/1968 Age:44Actor in 'Jerry MaGuire'
1/3/1981 Age:30Quarterback for New York Giants
1/4/1960 Age:51Lead singer for REM
1/5/1946 Age:65Actress in 'Annie Hall'
1/6/1965 Age:56Actor in 'Mr Bean'
1/7/1957 Age:54Former anchorwoman on CBS News
1/8/1947 Age:64Vocalist who sang 'China Girl'
1/9/1982 Age:29Recently married Prince William
1/10/1949 Age:62Former Heavyweight Champion Boxer
1/11/1971 Age:40Female R&B star who sang 'No More Drama'
1/12/1951 Age:60Actress in 'Cheers' and' Fat Actress'
1/13/1977 Age 34Actor in 'Pirates of the Caribbean'
1/14/1969 Age:42Actor in 'Arrested Development'
1/15/1979 Age:32Quarterback for New Orleans Saints
1/16/1948 Age:63Director of the movie 'Halloween'
1/17/1964 Age:47Current First Lady of the USA
1/18/1955 Age:56Actor in 'Dances with Wolves'
1/19/1946 Age:65Singer and Actress of '9 to 5'
1/20/1966 Age:45Actor in 'The Office'
1/21/1956 Age:55Actress in 'Thelma and Louise'
1/22/1968 Age:43Famous TV Chef
1/23/1974 Age:37Actress in 'Saved By the Bell'
1/24/1941 Age:70Vocalist who sang 'Sweet Caroline'
1/25/1981 Age:30Female R&B star who sang 'Fallin'
1/26/1958 Age:53Famous talk show host
1/27/1964 Age:47Actress in 'Single White Female'
1/28/1981 Age:30Actor in 'The Lord of the Rings'
1/29/1960 Age:51American won gold medals for diving in '84 and '88
1/30/1974 Age:37Actor in 'The Dark Knight'
1/31/1981 Age:30Actor and former member of N'SYNC

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