30 Largest U.S. Bank Holding Companies

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Can you name the 30 Largest U.S. Bank Holding Companies?

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Location of HeadquartersName of BankTotal Assets
Charlotte, NC$225,605,967,400
New York City, NY$202,664,200,000
New York City, NY$184,853,300,000
San Francisco, CA$128,417,600,000
New York City, NY$89,013,700,000
New York City, NY$67,695,700,000
New York City, NY$50,945,701,400
Mettawa, IL$38,382,089,800
New York City, NY$36,635,000,000
Wilmington, DE$32,368,502,600
Pittsburgh, PA$27,978,830,300
Minneapolis, MN$26,556,000,000
New York City, NY$20,324,600,000
Detroit, MI$18,125,000,000
Atlanta, GA$17,685,403,400
Location of HeadquartersName of BankTotal Assets
McLean, VA$17,191,130,700
Providence, RI$15,330,429,100
Boston, MA$15,292,118,900
Winston-Salem, NC$15,239,841,100
Birmingham, AL$14,282,461,000
Portland, ME$13,135,576,200
Cincinnati, OH$11,598,365,300
New York City, NY$11,597,515,500
Cleveland, OH$9,838,947,200
Honolulu, HI$7,596,279,900
Chicago, IL$7,504,523,800
San Francisco, CA$7,398,481,200
New York City, NY$7,101,924,000
Buffalo, NY$6,991,321,700
Wilmington, DE$6,718,877,600

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