2012 Celebrity & Notable Deaths

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ProfessionNotable IndividualAge
U.S. Ambassador to Libya52
Conservative Activist & Publisher43
Country Singer 'Honkey Tonk Angels'92
Actor 'Dallas'81
U.S. Army General 'Operation Desert Storm'78
His Beating Caused the L.A. Riots47
Editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine90
U.S. Senator from Hawaii88
Famed Jazz Musician 'Take Five'92
Actor & Singer 'Moon River'84
Influential Guitarist & Folk Singer89
Prolific & Idealistic Style Painter54
Bee Gees Band Member62
Soul Train Producer & Host75
Journalist '60 Minutes'93
Brazilian Architect104
Iconic Singer 'I Will Always Love You'48
Adored American Comedienne 89
1st Human to Walk on the Moon82
Original Host of 'Family Feud'79
Actor Known for Portrayal as Sheriff of Mayberry86
Oscar Winning Actor 'Marty'90
Actor 'The Green Mile'54
1st American Woman in Space61
ProfessionNotable IndividualAge
American Bandstand Host82
Beastie Boys Band Member47
U.S. Senator Who Ran for President in 197290
Native American Activist & Actor72
Famous Hairdresser & Creator of Hair Products84
Actor 'The Jeffersons'74
IBC Middleweight Boxing Champion50
NFL Linebacker for Chargers & Patriots43
Chef aka: 'Mr. Food'81
Book Author 'Where The Wild Things Are'83
Mexican American Singer & Actress43
Monkees Musician66
Movie Director 'Top Gun' & 'Crimson Tide'68
Penn State Football Coach85
Filmmaker & Writer 'When Harry Met Sally'71
Actress 'Oklahoma' & 'All About Eve'95
Iconic Sitar Musician Who Played With The Beatles92
Actor 'Quincy. M.E.'90
R&B Singer 'At Last'73
R&B Singer 'Rescue Me'72
Sci-Fi Author 'Fahrenheit 451'91
Singer 'Last Dance'63
Actor & Host of the Miss America Pageant74
U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania 82

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