2012 Celebrity & Notable Deaths

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ProfessionNotable IndividualAge
Adored American Comedienne 89
Country Singer 'Honkey Tonk Angels'92
Chef aka: 'Mr. Food'81
Filmmaker & Writer 'When Harry Met Sally'71
Actor Known for Portrayal as Sheriff of Mayberry86
Brazilian Architect104
American Bandstand Host82
Influential Guitarist & Folk Singer89
Actor 'The Green Mile'54
NFL Linebacker for Chargers & Patriots43
Actor 'The Jeffersons'74
Monkees Musician66
Famed Jazz Musician 'Take Five'92
U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania 82
Actor 'Dallas'81
Beastie Boys Band Member47
Original Host of 'Family Feud'79
Actor & Singer 'Moon River'84
Soul Train Producer & Host75
Native American Activist & Actor72
U.S. Ambassador to Libya52
Iconic Singer 'I Will Always Love You'48
Penn State Football Coach85
Oscar Winning Actor 'Marty'90
ProfessionNotable IndividualAge
Actress 'Oklahoma' & 'All About Eve'95
Singer 'Last Dance'63
IBC Middleweight Boxing Champion50
Famous Hairdresser & Creator of Hair Products84
1st American Woman in Space61
Mexican American Singer & Actress43
Iconic Sitar Musician Who Played With The Beatles92
R&B Singer 'At Last'73
R&B Singer 'Rescue Me'72
Actor 'Quincy. M.E.'90
Book Author 'Where The Wild Things Are'83
U.S. Senator from Hawaii88
His Beating Caused the L.A. Riots47
Prolific & Idealistic Style Painter54
Editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine90
Sci-Fi Author 'Fahrenheit 451'91
Journalist '60 Minutes'93
Actor & Host of the Miss America Pageant74
Movie Director 'Top Gun' & 'Crimson Tide'68
U.S. Army General 'Operation Desert Storm'78
U.S. Senator Who Ran for President in 197290
Bee Gees Band Member62
1st Human to Walk on the Moon82
Conservative Activist & Publisher43

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