Digital Photography History Part 1

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This photographer began the Photo Secessionist Movement.
This photographer was considered the father of Straight Photography. (Last name)
Kodak introduced the ________ in 1900 and it originally sold for only a dollar.
In 1917, government ____________ allowed only glorious pictures of soldiers to be printed in American newspapers.
This photography movement was concerned with making photography into a 'high art' by using tricks to make the photos 'more artistic.'
Which publication started and pioneered the use of color photography?
What was Kodak's slogan?
This photographer published a 20 volume set that documented the lives of Native Americans. (Last name)
This movement of photography aimed to show a scene as realistically as possible without any manipulation, though many pictures had an abstract look to them.
Arthur Fellig, also known as _________ was one of the first Photojournalists.
In 1900, the ________ became the main way to send photography through the mail.
Newspapers first featured drawings, then full page advertisements, the in the 1900's ________ completely replaced drawings.

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