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Have a bad reason, for taking the hard way in; He is a night stayer, two way ticket yeah
There's a man who isn't sure; all that sparkles is silver; and he's selling a gateway from hell
Leave, as you aren't, as you weren't, as you don't want to be
Don't want your hate; Don't want your love; Me and you can't write a bad hatred
The darkness goes on and I am saved; Small waves that I swam through; Bring me up on my feet; Oh I offer, I offer, and I ask saying
Is this the fake life; Or is it reality; Left in a standstill; And escape to fantasy
See there is hell; It's hard if you don't try; Heaven above us; Below us only land
I'm gonna help them all; A peace corp couldn't give me help; They're gonna add it on; Going quickly right in front of me
Where I came from is great; My car is high quality; My fashion style is straight forward; My enemies are cool unlike me
There is a way in here; Said the serious man to the helper; There isn't enough sanity; I get too much pain

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