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Can you name the President by the title or subtitle of his biography?

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Biography TitlePresident
Team of Rivals
The Sage of Montpelier
The Dark Horse
The Accidental President
Silent Cal's Almanack
American Hero, American Myth
The Last Founding Father
Old Tippecanoe
Hoosier Statesman
New Hampshire's Favorite Son
America's 15th President
A Public Life, A Private Life
Warrior and President
The Ohio Gang
My Life in Letters and Other Writings
Alone in the White House
Decision Points
Apostle of Protectionism
Man From Plains
In Pursuit of Reason
Progressive Conservative Leader
Old Kinderhook
Biography TitlePresident
An Unfinished Life
President of the Great Depression
Soldier, Planter, Statesman of the Old Southwest
Where the Buck Stops
Princeton to the Presidency
Life and Times of a Non-Consecutive President
His Excellency
First in His Class
A Time to Heal
Pragmatic Conservatism and Its Legacies
Party of One
No Ordinary Time
The Life of a Gilded Age Politician and President
The Unbelievable Life of a Forgotten President
American Lion
Dreams from My Father
Going Home to Glory
A Country of Great Designs
Mornings on Horseback
Master of the Senate

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