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Drink alot of beerUSA vs. UK
Loser takes a paddle up the assUSA vs. UK
Barry shoots a quarter out of his nose to winUSA vs. UK
'Get a handle on your frisbee college boy!'USA vs. UK
A dice gameGermany vs Mexico
Played a lot at tailgatesGermany vs. Canada
Hot girl sinks the beerUSA vs. Sweden
30 meters!!!Germany vs. USA
Mr. 'Shnidlewasher' calls it Monkey CoikenGermany vs. USA
Standard party gameGermany vs. USA
Everyone makes hand gestures to each otherGermany vs. USA
Germany - 224!! USA - 22...8!!!Germany vs. USA
Last player drinks Das BootGermany vs. USA
USA challenges Germany to this game after losing the final gameGermany vs. USA

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