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LyricMissing WordWho Said it
Let's face the ____ about me and you,J.D.
A ____ unspecifiedJ.D.
Though I'm proud to call you '__________ Bear,J.D.
The _____ will always talk and stareJ.D.
I feel exactly those _______, tooTurk
And that's why I ____ them insideTurk
'Cause this ____ can't ____ the world's disdainTurk
And sometimes it's _____ to hide,Turk
Than _____ ourTurk
____ love, t's all it is,J.D. and Turk
Guy love, He's mine, I'm ___J.D. and Turk
There's nothing gay about it in our ____J.D. and Turk
You ask me 'bout this thing we _____,Turk
And he ________ replies,J.D.
It's guy ____,Turk
Between ___ guysJ.D. and Turk
We're ____ than the average man and wife,Turk
LyricMissing WordWho Said it
That's why our _____ bracelets say Turk and J.D.J.D.
You know I'll _____ by you, for the rest of my life.Turk
You're the only man who's ever been ____ of me.J.D.
Whoa, I just took out his ______.Turk
There's no need to ______,J.D.
Oh __?Turk
Just let it ____ more and more each day.J.D.
It's like I ______ my best friend,J.D.
But in a totally _____ way.Turk
Let's go! It's guy love, Don't ___________,J.D. and Turk
The feeling of some other guy, ________ up your heart, Into the sky.J.D. and Turk
I'll be there to ____ through all the lows.J.D.
I'll be there to _____ the highs.Turk
It's guy love, _______ two guys.J.D. and Turk
And when I ___, 'I love you, Turk,'J.D.
It's not what it ______.J.D.
It's guy love, between two _____.J.D. and Turk

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