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People AccomplishmentsPerson
Elected president of poland after the fall of communism
Federal judge who presided over the watergate cases
Watergate burglar who informed the court that high government officials were involved
American support or this former leader of Iran led to the Hostage Crisis
Attempted to westernize Iran
First woman nominated for national office by major political party
Was forced to resign as the democratic cadidate for VP because he was treated for a mental illness
Claimed he had executive privelage
Informed Congress of a taping system in the presidents office
President of egypt who made peace with Israel
Turned over the terrorists accused of blowing up Pam Am Flight 103 to the United Nations
US negotiator at the Paris Peace Conference
Used his postion as a head of state to traffic in illegal drugs
First Islamic fundamentalist to blame the US for corrupting its culture
Islamic fundamentalist who seized control of Iranin 1979
Chairman of the senate watergate committee
Communist leader of Poland who stepped aside and allowed a new govt to be formed
Prime minister of Israel who made peace with Egypt
Leader of a polish labor union which demanded reforms
Refused to fire the watergate special prosecutor
President who removed SALT II from senate consideration as a protest against soviet agression
First woman appointed to the supreme court
Owner of several large savings and loans, his activities led to their failure and major scandal
People AccomplishmentsPerson
Whitehouse council who turned government witness during the watergate affair
Reporter who established a link between the Watergate burglary and the White House
National security advisor who developed the Iran-Contra scheme
His support of terrorism led armed confrontation with the US
Attorney General fired in the saturday night massacre
Third party candidate for president who was shot in 1972
Appointed special prosecutor after the Saturday Night Massacre
Hungarian leader who allowed free election
VP forced to resign for accepting bribes and failing to pay income tax
Said that the soviets would not interfere in eastern european nations
Communist leader of poland who opposed solidarity
Watergate special prosecutor who was fired
Soviet leader who favored perestroika
Attempted to assasinate President Reagan
Managed the day to day operation of the Iran-Contra scheme
Headed investigation of the CIA
Assistant FBI director who helped keep the media on track involving the watergate affair
First president to visit communist China
President during the Iranian hostage crisis
Hungarian Leader who enacted political and economic reforms
Appointed VP by president Ford
President who vetoed the War Powers Act
Nixons campaign manager who ordered the Watergate break in

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