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The ONLY Grass/Fighting type Pokemon
The ONLY pure Water type to learn Perish Song
Classified as the Live Coal Pokemon
#100 in the National Dex
Evolves by knowing Double Attack
Pokemon with the most different forms
The first 4th gen Pokemon to be revealed
The ONLY Rock/Flying type Pokemon
The sole Dragon-type Pokemon of the 2nd generation
Highest defense stat of any Pokemon
Lowest combined stat total of any Pokemon
Classified as the Jubilee Pokemon
Only Pokemon that can breed with any Pokemon
First trade in GSC: Bellsprout for _____
In Pokemon Snap, the Pokemon Sign in the Tunnel
Pokemon used in the intro for Red: Nidorino and ______
In GSC, swarm Pokemon in Dark Cave
In D/P, rarest Grass Pokemon in the Great Marsh
Japanese name is Denryu
The female evolves with the Dawn Stone

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