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The first boss in the game
Goofy weapon that's also a Heartless
The reward for getting all 99 Dalmations
'When health is low, attack power is increased temporarily.' What ability is this?
The name of the world where you find the Dumbo summon
The operators of the Gummi Ship garage are:
The final Disney boss in the game (excluding the Olympus Tournaments) is:
This keyblade is given to you after defeating Leon and Cloud in the Hades Cup
The Trinity Jump color is:
The Final Fantasy characters that appear in Destiny Islands Are:
There are ____ seeds in the Hades Cup
When low on HP, Goofy shouts:
The game's theme song is called:
Torn Pages unlock mini games in the....
A Shadow version of Sora is fought in...
What happens to Sora after fighting Riku in Hollow Bastion?
At the end of Monstro, Pinocchio is trapped inside the:
In Deep Jungle, Sora and Party fight ____ three times.
The gummi block that enables Warp Drive
The 7th Princess of Heart is:

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