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Tiny Rock Elephant
Gargantuan Aquatic Mammal
Electric Rodent Evolution
Single-Horned Arachnid
Scarecrow-Like Plant
Well Protected Mold
Baby Star Fairy
Boquet Wielding Masquerader
Metal Floating Plate
Volcanic Canine Beast
Balloon Shaped Arctic Dweller
Two Tailed Primate
Strange Walking Weed
Aggresive Fighting Tadpole
Time Traveling Forest Guardian
Fruit Producing Sauropod
Capricious Weather Entity
Striped Land Snake
Steel Plated Dinosaur
Nocturnal Beaked Balancer
Easily Startled Soft-Speaker
Eerie Masked Spectre
Exploding Hanging Bagworm
Disaster-Bringing Mammal
Spiky Shelled Bivalve
Jeweled Feline Quadruped
Steel Skinned Deceiver
Landscape-Backed Reptile
Miniscule Prophetic Bird
Four Armed Bodybuilder
Yolk Harboring Squadron
Odd Purple Vortex
Triple Tailed Bovine
Bad Smelling Mammal
Toxic Dueling Amphibian

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