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Can you name the Famous Figures in European History based on their descriptions?

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DescriptionHistorical Figure
Was crowned holy Roman Emperor on Christmas Day 800 A.D.
Led France in the Third Crusade
Nickname of an enlightened King of Prussia during the 18th century
French monarch who famously said, 'I am the state.'
A 'magnificent' patron of the arts in Renaissance Italy
Author of 'Leviathan', which established the Social Contract Theory
Spanish Conquistador. Conquered Mexico in the 16th century.
Famously instituted reforms to Westernize Russia. Is the namesake of a modern day Russian city
French Theologian. Associated with the idea of predestination
Considered a Father of the Church. Published his 'Confessions'
Led his war elephants through the Alps, into Italy
This Roman Senator never gave up a chance to remind his peers of the danger of the previous answer's empire
With the help of this man, Napoleon III transformed the infrastructure of Paris. Is the namesake of a famous Parisian boulevard
Initiated the French Renaissance. As evidenced by his famous Chateau de Chambord
Outspoken critic of the French Monarchy, and author of Candide
Byzantine Emperor. Had the Hagia Sophia rebuilt
Louis XIII's Chief Minister, and the main antagonist in The Three Musketeers
King of England during the American Revolution
English mathematician who established the laws of physics
Athenian general and chronicler of the Peloponnesian War
DescriptionHistorical Figure
Mastermind of the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605
French Neo-Classical artist who succesfully survived and painted for three different regimes
Revolutionary figure whose death was famously portrayed by the previous answer
English king who was forced to sign the Magna Carta
A 'saintly' king of medieval France
An enlightened Holy Roman Emperor. Brother of the answer to the next clue
Queen of France, executed in 1793
Great reformer of Russia during the 18th century
Chancellor of Germany, unified the German states
Italian statesman who studied the ethics and psychology of those in power. Sparked an ideology named after him.
Medieval French theologian who had a famous affair with a student of his.
The name of this student.
Painter of a famous church in Assisi, Italy
The namesake of this church.
This medieval Holy Roman Emperor was nicknamed 'stupor mundi'
Famed Italian inventor and painter, buried at Chateau d'Amboise
Roman Emperor who ruled during the greatest expansion of the Empire
A Czech reformer, who was ultimately burned at the stake
A 'mad' Bavarian king. Eccentric ruler who commissioned Neuschwanstein Castle
Belgian King who founded and solely owned the Congo Free State

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