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Reformer in Athens, capped interest, started court of Appeals
Interpreter of Apollo at Delphi
Legendary lawgiver of Sparta
Family dynasty of Vespasian, Titus, and Domitian
Popular Tyrant in Athens, diversified the economy, supported public works projects and festivals
Great Administrator, built royal road and started Satrapies
Ten plebeians elected to represent plebeians, were sacrosanct, could veto laws but couldn't propose legislation
He put down rebellions in Masada, Finished building the Coliseum
He led a slave rebellion against Rome
4th emperor of Rome, finished bringing Britain into empire, deified after death
Country north of Greece, eventually controlled Greece
Assembly of Plebeians
Jesus' Last Passover, gave his blood and flesh
Egyptian part of Alexander's Empire was run by this general after Alex's death
Caesar's Right hand man, member of second triumvirate, fought war against Octavian
Large Peninsula in Southern Greece, Includes Cities such as Sparta, Corith, Argos, and Megalopolis
Dominating polis in the Peloponnesian, war oriented
Region north of Italy, Caesar held military campaigns there
Built an empire through conquest, spanned from Macedonia to India to Egypt
3rd emperor of Rome, Julio-Claudian, 'Little Boots', made his horse a senator, crazy, assassinated by Praetorian Guard
Mythical King of Crete
Guerilla units that wanted to rebel against Herod
Nominated during crisis, held power for up to Six Months (or were supposed to)
Mythical survivor at Troy, meets Dido the Queen of Carthage, then Leaves her and finds Rome
Fought against Jugurtha, rose to optimate, seven time consul
Reformer in Athens, codified set of harsh, excessive laws
King of Lydia, fought Cyrus, and lost
This emperor put down rebellions in the east, he was the emperor during a plague that killed a quarter of the Roman population
A spanish emperor, the Empire boundaries reached their greatest extent under his reign
Illyrian emperor, he stabilized the economy, put a limit on how much you could charge for certain things, and established a tetrarchy
Darius' Son, fought against Greeks in the Persian War, accused of Hubris
Carthaginian General during First and Second Punic Wars
Athenian General, negotiated a treaty with Sparta
Vergil wrote this poem about the story of Aeneas
Play about a woman who murdered her husband, Jason
Federation of Greek states created by Philip II of Macedon after the Battle of Chaeronea, to facilitate the use of Military forces against Persia
Temple dedicated to all of the Roman Gods and Goddesses, built by Marcus Agrippa
Tribune, suggested that all Italians have citizenship, murdered by Pontifex Maximus
War fought mainly between Athens and Sparta, for Hegemony
Minoan God represents strength, counter to Snake Goddess
Roman poet, wrote 'the founding of the city', glorifies Rome
Caesar crossed this river, symbolized him taking control of the army, started civil war, 'The die is cast'
Born in Nazareth, thought to be the messiah and the son of God, followed by Christians
Date of Caesar's Assassination
City founded by Remus and Romulus on Italian Peninsula
Enemy of Rome, lost all three Punic Wars
Member of the First Triumvirate, Sent out by senate to fight Caesar after he took control of his army
Mountain Range Between Northern Italy and Southern Gaul
Battle where Athens fought Persians on Land, fought with reinforced wings, 26 miles from Athens
An agreement or pact made with God
Heir to Caesar, First emperor of Rome, member of second Triumvirate
War between Troy and Achaeans (Greece)
An independent city-state in Greece
Battle between Augustus and Antony, and left Rome with sole and uncontested control of the Mediterranean
20 provinces of Persia set up by Darius I
Poet issued by Augustus to write about the founding of Rome
Series of Three Wars between Rome
Twins raised by wolves, then one of them Founds Rome and becomes the first king of Rome
Ancient Writing deciphered by Michael Ventris
Main entrance to Palace at Mycenae
Christian ritual started by John the Baptist
Last of Julio-Claudians, Murdered mother and wife, persecuted Christians
Polytheistic following of Roman Gods
Struggle between Patricians and Plebeians
Codified Laws Posted in Forum
A spanish emperor, he ended Roman conquest and instead turned the Empire to defensive, built a wall in Britain, put down revolt in Judea
'Et tu, ________?'
Greek Philosopher, started the Lyceum, tutored Alexander the Great
Absolute Power
Guard assign to protect Rome
Island in the Mediterranean once inhabited by the Minoans
Octavian, Antony, Lepidus
Tribune, limited land allowed per person, ran for reelection and murdered by Pontifex Maximus
Time of resettling after the Dorian invasion, writing is lost
Philosopher that believed truth exists, the ideal government was one were the wise lead
Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus, and Marcus Aurelius
Region controlled by Carthage, and the by Rome
Strait that separates Anatolia from Europe
Poems by Homer about Odysseus
Built by Darius I, 1700 miles long, made a quick route for troops and leads to Persepolis
First five emperors of Rome, until no heir was left
19th century German Archaeologist, found site at Mycenae
Labyrinth Palace of the Minoans
Eastern part of Alexander's Empire (Includes Babylon) was run by this general after Alex's death
Second emperor of Rome, Became paranoid after murder of his son, held treason trials where guilty until proven innocent
Experienced advisors to consuls, served for life
Caesar, Pompey, Crassus
Julius established outposts here, and Claudius finished bringing it into the Empire
King of Macedonia, defeated Athens and Thebes at the Battle of Chaeronea
Roman governor of Judea at the time of Jesus' crucifixion
Egyptian Queen, involved with Caesar and Antony
Myth about King Aegeus' son defeating a half-man half-bull
Peace of Rome
Remus and Romulus were found by a she-wolf at the bank of this River
Polis founded by Patron Goddess Athena, the goddess of War
Rich upper class families in Rome
Inaccurate accounts of the teaching of Jesus
Belief in one God who guides humanity by ethical principles
Controversial preacher of God, performed baptisms in the Jordan River
Everybody in these cities died because of the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, everything was preserved in ash
War-oriented Civilization on Peloponnesus from 1400 - 1100 BCE
A system where the Empire is split into East and West. Both East and West had a ruler, called the 'Augustus'. Both Augustuses picked someone to be in training to become the next ru
Landmarks in Athens
19th century Archaeologist, uncovers Minoan Palace
Large boulders that make up the walls of the palace at Mycenae
Religions that explain mysteries, include Mithraism
Grain producing province
Battle between King Leonidas of Sparta against Xerxes of Persia, a traitor told Xerxes of a secret mountain pass so the could fight the Spartans on two fronts, Leonidas sacrified h
Annual event in Athens in which citizens vote for the 'most dangerous Athenian', if any one person receives more than 6000 votes, he is exiled for 10 years
Writer of the Epistles
Last of Roman Kings
Dictator, started proscription lists, doubled the size of the senate, made Cursus Honorum mandatory, set term limits
List of all of Augustus' accomplishments
Battle formation in Athens, rows of eight men, as many wide as they could, soldiers wore Hoplite Armour
Accurate historian for the Peloponnesian War
Path of Honor to consulship
Writer of Oedipus Rex
League dominated by Athens, Athens offered protection from Persia in exchange for money, boats, or soldiers
Cultural crossroads on West coast of Turkey, region where many scholars were from
Built Persian empire through conquest
Refers to a future King of Israel who will rule the united tribes of Israel. Christians believe it to be Jesus Christ
Mystery religion influenced by Zoroastrianism, good vs. evil
Scipio Africanus won this battle in North Africa to end the 2nd Punic War
Indecipherable writing of the Minoans
Athenian General who was a traitor and became a Spartan
Someone who seizes power illegally
Latin for 'Our Sea'
Another name for the Persian Dynasty
Epic poem about events of a quarrel between King Agamemnon and Achillies, written by Homer
Father of History, Father of Lies, documented Persian Wars

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