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A type of tree, commonly found in Muir Woods.
You might be experiencing this when you fall asleep in class or are lacking activity.
Not ready yet.
A 1987 movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, or an animal on the higher end of the food chain.
The passing of traits to offspring.
Gradually lessened, or diminished in thickness.
Adjective describing Jesus, Buddha, Abraham, or Ganesha.
To refurbish, improve, and change the appereance of.
A type of card, but not a debit card.
A police may show you these when you are pulled over on the street.
______, reuse, and recycle.
To do something again.
Not to be confused with bread, this word has to do with animals.
8 1/3 dozen.
A famous octopus can do this with the World Cup.
If you mess up, you might want to make up for it, or do this.

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