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Can you name the double letter words from the hints given, for each letter of the alphabet?

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HintWordDouble Letter
Animals of Africa, also the star of the childrens book and television series, Arthur.AA
A leafy green vegetable, often described as having 'heads'BB
A vegetable, often described as mini trees.CC
A game in which players try to snap disks into a cup, by pressing the edges with larger ones.DD
A voter who is permitted to cast a ballot by mail.EE
Found a lot in soda, and even more in coffee.FF
Pug + Beagle = ________GG
Using your thumb to get a lift.HH
Type of mushroomII
The annual pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia.JJ
An ornamental trinket.KK
This person's heel is the weakest point.LL
HintWordDouble Letter
Advertising in between television shows, that always seem to be louder than the actual show.MM
A large handkerchief, generally worn in the head or neck area.NN
A panda's favorite food.OO
The course before the main entree.PP
A ray-finned fish, known for its sharp teeth, and scary looks.RR
The course after the main entree.SS
A type of pasta and also a type of alfredo sauce.TT
A volume of space, empty of matter.UU
Shrewdness or intelligence.VV
A council or conference of or for Native Americans.WW
A type of cheese, found often on pizza.ZZ

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