Cereal Slogans

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Can you name the cereals, by their slogans?

Updated Feb 21, 2012

How to Play
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I'm coo-coo for _________
The taste you can see!
I vant to eat your cereal!
Gotta have my pops!
Breakfast of Champions!
Apple or cinnamon. Who will be the winna-mon?
Smiles all around.
Follow your nose! It always knows!
He likes it! Hey Mikey!
_________ big! Yeah, yeah, yeah! It's not small! No, no, no!
They're Gr-r-reat!
Snap! Crackle! Pop! ________
They're A-B-C-Delicious
How do they cram in all that graham?
Kid tested, mother approved.
They're magically delicious!
Two scoops of raisins in ________
Stays crunchy, even in milk!
Taste the joy in every spoonful!
Sit down to a familiar face.
Keeps them full. Keeps them focused.
Silly Rabbit! ________ are for kids!

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