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'No Soup For You'
George's fiancee who dies after licking poisoned envelopes
He is famous for his long-winded stories and was Elaine's boss in the later seasons
This Pakistani restaurant owner calls Jerry a very bad man'
Has Worked For Pendon Publishing and the Peterman Company
Lawyer who represents Kramer in the episode, 'The Caddy' and the whole gang in 'The Finale.'
He thought hed had a cousin named Carlo in Italy
'A tall lanky doofus with hair like the bride of Frankenstein'
Worked on the David Dinkins campaign in the 'Non Fat Yougurt' episode
Fictional double named woman who goes from Milan to Minsk
Postman who has a soft spot for Drake's Coffee Cakes
'They're real and they're spectacular'
This New York Yankee general manager has never been seen on the show
Comedian who loves Superman
'Just a fat little mental patient'
This friend of Kramer's went to the hospital for a hernia operation
Lives With his Parents; once pretended he was a marine biologist
Deflated while playing Pictionary with George
This 'little person' stand in is friends with Kramer
George found out that this Oscar winning actress from 'My Cousin Vinny' likes short funny bald men

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