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Can you name the homophone pairs by answering the question clues?

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Questionhomophone pair
Was an unknown species of antelope discovered?
Will you put a tariff on those fasteners?
Is the meat stew too cold?
Was that part of the play viewed?
Is that god not busy?
Was the poet not allowed to enter?
Is the treaty stored in a trunk ?
Did that unfortunate person vomit?
Was the royal chair heaved?
Is the heir to the kingdom making copies?
Questionhomophone pair
Were the cattle audible?
Is the musical combo off the air permanently?
Has your sound of dismay increased?
Did you notice that stylish Arab chieftain?
Did the person you invited discern the correct answer?
Is the price of that ticket reasonable?
Is the corruption represented visually?
Were the trustees not stimulated?
Did you think that chicken was spoiled?
Has the leather fabric tilted?

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