Russian Demonstrative pronoun этот

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Can you name the Russian Demonstrative pronoun этот?

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Case, genderPronoun
Nominative, Masc
Accusative, Plural (Inanimate)
Prepositional, Plural
Genitive, Plural
Prepositional, Masc/Neut
Accusative, Fem (Animate)
Nominative, Plural
Genitive, Fem
Accusative, Neut (Inanimate)
Dative, Masc/Neut
Nominative, Neut
Dative, Fem
Case, genderPronoun
Accusative, Masc (Animate)
Prepositional, Fem
Accusative, Plural (Animate)
Genitive, Masc/Neut
Dative, Plural
Nominative, Fem
Accusative, Fem (Inanimate)
Accusative, Masc (Inanimate)
Instrumental, Masc/Neut
Instrumental, Fem
Accusative, Neut (Animate)
Instrumental, Plural

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