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That's it, baby, when you've got it, ____ it, ____ it!
Hitler, there was a ____.
We find the defendants ____ guilty.
I am the author. You are the audience. I ____ you!
You're in a noble profession. The word ____ is part of your title.
Two three kick ____, ____ ____ kick ____!
Lorenzo, baby. Lorenzo St. DuBois. But my friends call me ____.
That's our ____!
____ ____ ____ is the colour of our carpets.
I'm not a ____, I'm a concierge.
I'm wearing a ____ belt.
It's ____ with historical goodies like that.
Please ____ half a buck.
Dirty, disgusting, filthy, lice-ridden ____.
We're still ____ of love.
QuoteMissing Word
Where do you ____ your wallet?
That whole third ____ has got to go. They're losing the war.
I was born in Dusseldorf and that is why they call me ____.
'Gregor Samsa awoke one morning to discover he had been transformed into a giant cockroach.' Nah, it's too ____.
Hold me, ____ me.
They ____ here, they all ____ here. How do they find me?
Assume ____.
There's a lot of little old ____ in this world.
I made it out just as you told me- to cash. That's a funny name for a ____.
Here. Buy ____. Kill. Kill the actors.
The producer could actually make more money with a ____ than he could with a hit.
Will the dancing Hitlers please wait in the wings. We are only seeing ____ Hitlers.
I have said that this is the ____ fuse, huh? And this IS the ____ fuse.
Where did I go ____?
No one ever called me ____ before.

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