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Can you name the most useless details from The Room?

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Production company for The Room (#1)
Production company for The Room (#2)
Line Producer of The Room
Lisa and Mark plan to meet at ______.
Lisa's in the _______ business.
A dozen red roses costs ______.
Name of the coffee shop.
Johnny's order at the coffee shop.
Mark's order at the coffee shop.
Name of coffee shop owner.
Breed of dog in the flower shop.
Mark's disappearing item in the park.
How many times was Lisa told 'that joke'?
Lisa's pizza toppings (in alphabetical order)
Color of Johnny's birthday tie.
Denny's potential girlfriend.
Had too many arguments with Mark.
Character replacing Peter in the birthday scenes.
There's a hospital on _____ St.
Claudette's friend.
Claudette's brother.
Claudette's ex-husband.
The name Mark doesn't want to be called
Complete the quote: 'What a _____, Mark!'
Complete the quote: 'I just got done talking ______.'
Complete the quote: 'Maybe I know _________, Mark!'
Complete the quote: 'Gee, Peter, _______.'
Complete the quote: 'He is always bugging me ______ !'
Complete the quote: 'I just need to put on my ______ .'
Complete the quote: 'Tell me, what does ______ ?'

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