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Can you name the varieties of Franzia wine?

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Description from Franzia WebsiteVarietyStyle
Light-bodied red that is made to be served chilled
Light and easy to drink
Semi-dry and medium bodied
Floral aromas and fruit flavors
Pleasing dry, with blackberry and raspberry aromas
Satisfying dry, with cherry and plum aromas
Light-medium body and wonderful citrus and pear flavors
Ripe cherry flavors
Delicate strawberry aromas
Description from Franzia WebsiteVarietyStyle
Vibrant, with ripe blackberry and spice aromas with a hint of pepper and a supple texture
Fruity red, accented by fresh citrus flavor
Easy to drink
Distinctly fruity character
Delicious raspberry aromas
Floral aromas and a crisp finish
Very soft, drinkable wine bursting with fresh flavors
Pair with your favorite tomato-based pasta dish!

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