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Can you name the varieties of Franzia wine?

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Description from Franzia WebsiteVarietyStyle
Floral aromas and fruit flavors
Light-medium body and wonderful citrus and pear flavors
Light-bodied red that is made to be served chilled
Ripe cherry flavors
Vibrant, with ripe blackberry and spice aromas with a hint of pepper and a supple texture
Semi-dry and medium bodied
Fruity red, accented by fresh citrus flavor
Very soft, drinkable wine bursting with fresh flavors
Floral aromas and a crisp finish
Description from Franzia WebsiteVarietyStyle
Light and easy to drink
Delicate strawberry aromas
Distinctly fruity character
Pleasing dry, with blackberry and raspberry aromas
Satisfying dry, with cherry and plum aromas
Pair with your favorite tomato-based pasta dish!
Easy to drink
Delicious raspberry aromas

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