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Monster ArenaBody Splash, Mortar
Monster ArenaFire, Fira, Firaga, Inflate, Ultima
Kilika WoodsSigh, Venom, Water, Stacatto
Monster ArenaBlade Shower, Hades Claw
Inside SinCamisade,Delta Attack
Kilika WoodsPoison Claw, Water, Lord Ochu falls asleep., Earthquake
Besaid IslandJump
Deck of the airshipPhysical attack, Stone Gaze, Photon Spray, Swooping Scythe, Poison Breath, Haste
Kilika WoodsPhysical attack, Tentacles absorb magic!
Macalania TempleDiamond Dust ,Heavenly Strike
Behind SinGravija
Inside SinHellfire,Meteor Strike
Inside SinCuraga, Gravija, Osmose, Ultima
Garden of PainNothing
Macalania TempleShell, Fira, Thundara, Watera, Blizzara, Firaga, Thundaga, Waterga, Blizzaga, Multi-Fira, Multi-Thundara, Multi-Watera, Multi-Blizzara
Monster ArenaUltima
Inside SinAttack, Sonic Wings, Energy Ray
S.S. Liki Drain Touch, Blender
Zanarkand RuinsMega Flare,Impulse
Via PurificoPhysical attack, Stone Gaze, Photon Spray
Monster ArenaFangs of Chaos, Fangs of Hell, Fangs of Ruin
Monster ArenaCuraga, Megaton, Slime,Lick
Monster ArenaCondemn, Convergence, Haste, Protect, Rainbow, Regen, Shell
Monster ArenaBio, Blizzaga, Drain, Firaga, Flare, Thunder, Ultima, Waterga
Sin's backDemi,Thunder, Venom,
Macalania TempleBoost, Pain, Oblivion
Inside SinAerospark,Thor's Hammer
BaajBasic Attacks
ZanarkandDestroys sinscales
Macalania Lakestops the use of magic and summons.
Luca Dock No. 4Hurts the boss dramaticly
Monster ArenaShockwave,lack Stare
Monster ArenaBlizzaga, Curaga, Firaga, Flare, Regen, Reflect, Thundaga, Ultima, Waterga
Omega RuinsBreak, Confuse, Core Energy, Demi, Nova, Shimmering Rain, Ultima
Monster ArenaFlare, Megaton Punch
Cavern of the Stolen FaythDaigoro, Kozuka, Wakizashi, Zanmato
Calm LandsBlast Punch, Haymaker, Mighty Guard, Slowga
Mushroom Rock RoadPassado,Delta Attack
Mushroom Rock RoadCamisade,Delta Attack
Monster ArenaChaos, Drain, Flare, Hyper Blaster, Thundaga
Inside SinPassado,Delta Attack
Macalania LakePunch, Double Punch, Raise Dukes
Cavern of the Stolen FaythDaigoro, Kozuka, Wakizashi, Zanmato
Mt. GagazetRegenerate
Monster ArenaBlizzaga, Elemental Shift, Firaga, Flare, Hydraulic Press, Thundaga, Ultima, Waterga
Alongside Sin's CoreCura, Magic Absorbed, Sigh, Thrashing, Venom, Waterga
Monster ArenaRush attack
Monster ArenaCounter Attack
Monster ArenaBewitching Stab, Curaga, Venomous Stab
Monster ArenaPaean of the Heavens
BaajStone Punch, KO Punch, Swallow
Inside SinRazzia,Delta Attack
Inside SinDiamond Dust ,Heavenly Strike
Monster ArenaEraser,Shining
Dream's EndJecht Beam,Triumphant Grasp,Ultimate Jecht Shot
Via PurificoMega Flare
Monster ArenaCold Stare, Space-Time Vorpal
Macalania Temple and Macalania LakeProtect, Thunder, Blizzard, Auto-Potion, Hi-Potion, Shremedy
Monster ArenaReppageki,Bushinzan,Shinryudan
Thunder PlainsThundaja,Aerospark,Thor's Hammer
HighbridgeMulti-Blizzara, Multi-Thundara, Multi-Watera, Multi-Fira, Protect, Break, Flare, Banish
Monster ArenaBlizzaga, Firaga, Flare, Goodnight, Thundaga, Ultima, Waterga
Omega RuinsBreak, Confuse, Core Energy, Holy, Shimmering Rain, Silence
Macalania WoodsPhysical attack, Fire, Thunder, Water, Blizzard, Press, Elemental Shift
Garden of Painmulti-Dispel,Ultima
Zanarkand RuinsHellbiter,Absorb,Mega Death,Mind Blast
Mt. GagazetLance of Atrophy,Cross Cleave,Total Annihilation
Monster ArenaMegiddo Flame,Aqua Breath
Mt. GagazetMega-Graviton,Oblivion,Pain
HighbridgeBlizzard, Thunder, Water, Fire, Desperado, Shattering Claw, Cura, Mortibsorption
Mi'ihen HighroadPhysical attack, Push Back, You're next!, Fist of Fury, Blizzard
Monster ArenaCrush Spike, Salvo
Bikanel IslandHellfire,Meteor Strike
S.S. Liki Shoots out Sinscales
Monster ArenaChow Time, Mega Gastric Juice, Putrid Breath
Above BevelleGiga-Graviton
MoonflowAqua Shooter, Depth Charges
Monster ArenaChef's Knife, Karma, Voodoo
Summit of Mt. GagazetCuraga, Esuna, Haste, Mana Breath, Photon Wings, Protect, Regen, Reflect, Tail Sweep
Macalania LakeGatling Gun, Assault, Mana Beam, Negator
Monster ArenaArmageddon, Ethereal Cannon, Ultra Spark
Monster ArenaOsmose, Ultima
Al Bhed TerritoryPhysical attack, Tentacles, Nautilus Charge
Monster ArenaBeak, Beak of Woe
Via PurificoSonic Wings, Energy Ray
Monster ArenaEarthquake, Regurgitate, Swallow
Deck of the AirshipNegation,Gravija
Monster ArenaDemi, Hundred Thorns, Toxic Cloud, Toxic Spray
Monster Arena10000 Needles, 99999 Needles, Run Away
Monster ArenaDrain Touch, Poison Touch
Luca Dock No. 4Blitzball Rush, Blind Ball, Mute Ball
Monster ArenaFlare, Pop Fly, Ultima
Mt. GagazetThrust Kick, Doom, Mighty Guard, Self-Destruct
Monster ArenaFire Breath, Ice Breath, Lightning Breath, Triple Attack
Deck of the AirshipObliteration, Immolation, Calamity, Tera-Graviton, Judgment Day
Mushroom Rock RoadRazzia,Delta-Attack
Inside SinPhysical attack, Countdown, Mega Flare
Via PurificoPhysical attack, Fira, Hellfire
Monster ArenaBlizzaga, Demi, Emblem of the Cosmos, Flare, Mana Focus, Pharaoh's Curse, Thundaga, Waterga
Zanarkand Cloister of TrialsPhysical attack, Berserk Tail, Glyph Mine
Mt. GagazetBulldoze, Flame Breath, Aqua Breath, White Wind, Haste
Besaid VillageSonic Wings, Energy Ray,Energy Blast
Inside SinCure
Deck of the AirshipNegation,Gravija
Zanarkand Demi

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